Solar Power Electrical Systems

Winner of the 2012 Solar Installation Project of the Year award

Solar Power Electrical Systems are a reliable and environmentally friendly source, and will save you money on your power bills.

Sunelec is an Australian Company that specialises in Solar Power Electrical Systems with over 19 years experience. We also have wide experience within the Electrical Contracting field.

In very remote locations, a Solar Power System may be the only practical solution, as Solar Power can be provided virtually anywhere. In city locations more residential and commercial customers are realising the benefits of installing a Grid Connect Solar Power System to offset their power consumption. Grid Connect Solar Power Systems can be installed on one storey buildings and multiple storey buildings, business, domestic or community buildings. Grid Connect Solar Power Systems are an asset, environmentally friendly with rebates available.

Sunelec designs Remote Area Solar Power Systems and Grid Connect Solar Power Systems to suit the power requirement of each individual client. By installing a Solar Power System, you can produce your own 100% clean green electricity, resulting in a better environment for everyone.

Sunelec is totally committed to increasing the use of renewable solar power energy in helping to solve the World’s energy needs in both rural and city living.We constantly up-date our Renewable Energy knowledge to provide the highest quality products and systems to suit our clients needs.