Queensland’s Solar Double Standard

The Australian Solar Council has condemned the Queensland government's double standard when it comes to electricity investment returns.
John Grimes, Chief Executive of the Australian Solar Council, says a report commissioned by Cane Growers and widely reported in the media shows that it applies one standard for itself and another for the public.
According to the report, Mr Grimes said, the Queensland government received almost $1bn from its government owned network service providers last financial year (Energex, Ergon and Powerlink).This was up from $46m in 2007/08, a compound annual growth rate of 114%.
According to Mr Grimes, the Queensland government is booking massive revenue returns on investment while at the same time singling out solar powered families for additional electricity charges.
"The Queensland government says solar families and businesses in Queensland are not entitled to a return on their electricity investment."
"What they fail to acknowledge is that 300,000 Queensland families have invested around $2bn of their own money and collectively built a 750MW solar power plant."
"On one hand the Queensland government expects a return on investment for its power investments.  On the other hand it wants to change the rules for Queensland families who have invested in clean solar power,
investments made in line with rules set by the Queensland government."
"Solar families in should be rightly upset that the Queensland government has one standard for itself, and another for them, and they should loudly reject unfair targeting of solar energy," Grimes said.

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