Southport Broadwater Parklands Redevelopment

Sunelec is proud to have been involved in the Southport Broadwater Parklands Redevelopment.

Sunelec has been involved in the design and installation of the 46.55kWp PV Solar Grid connected system. The largest single installation in Queensland.

The array consists of 266 Conergy P175M Solar Modules Conergy Suntop III framing And Fronius Grid Inverters. This will feed directly feed into the Southport Broadwater Parklands Power grid and is expected to provide 100% of the energy requirements for the entire complex.

The redevelopment of the parklands will:

  • incorporate world-class design
  • re-connect Southport Central Business District with the Broadwater
  • generate a strong sense of community, regional identity and celebrate the history of Southport
  • create a more natural landscape for family activities, cultural events and active recreation
  • incorporate environmentally sustainable design
  • ensure energy efficiency and water sustainability
  • provide a high quality space to attract world class events

Above all, the new parklands will provide a community facility thatcelebrates 150 years of Queensland as a separate state from New South Wales.

Sunelec is proud to be involved in one of Gold City Council Recreational Projects.

The Southport shoreline, covering nearly three kilometres of parkland is a key recreational asset for the residents of the Gold Coast and wider community.

The Southport Broadwater Parklands includes a number of environmental initiatives including solar power generation from within the site.

Shelters along the pier & path ways provide shade and on top of these 266 Conergy 175W Solar panels are installed generating power for the parklands.

Queensland Government - 80 George Street

80 George St, State Government Executive Buildings

The scope for this project was to supply three different technologies of PV solar allowing monitoring of all systems, the systems are monitored by dept public works as well as having public displays in the 2 main foyers of the buildings
On each roof-mounted array, a Fronius IG20 inverter is connected to allow the energy produced by the array to be fed into the electrical grid.

  • System 1 – the monocrystalline modules wired as two strings of six PV modules.
  • System 2 – the polycrystalline modules wired as two strings of six PV modules.
  • System 3 – the amorphous modules wired as six strings of three modules.
  • System 4 – the solar tracker mounted modules is one string of six modules, connected to a Fronius IG15 inverter unit.

Kelvin Grove Bus Shelter

This bus shelter was installed outside the QUT in Kelvin Grove. A Solar Electric Grid system that is very visible from the road. The solar panels were designed and manufactured especially for the project.

Next to the shelter is a Public Data Display informing people of:

  • the amount of CO2 saved
  • how many Kwh is produced
  • how many trees this solar system has saved

Dandiiri Contact Centre

The solar roof-integrated plant is set above the external car park and building roof top of the Zillmere Dandiiri Contact Centre and is one of the biggest solar systems in the Brisbane region. The Queensland Government contact centre was built with the objective to demonstrate to other government agencies and industry that projects can achieve the highest ESD (ecologically sustainable development) outcomes at a commercial cost. Thus, the design decisions were made for their ‘green’ benefits, payback periods and quality.

One of Brisbane’s largest solar systems

The contact centre roof and car park integrated plant is located in Zillmere; a suburb with a population of 7,450 located 14km north of Brisbane, Australia. On a total area of 2,545m2 the integrated plant produces around 610,400 kWh of clean energy each year. The system generates enough power equivalent to supplying 90 homes with energy and saves up to 610,000kg of CO2 yearly. Conergy conducted the pre-design for system installation with PV contractor Sunelec Pty Ltd responsible for the installation of the roof-top and external car park systems. The external car-park section of the system was installed in just one month and consists of 1,236 Conergy PowerPlus Modules, 48 Central Inverters and 5km of Suntop lll mounting rails. The roof-top system, consisting of 630 Conergy P Modules on 1.7km of mounting rails and 18 Inverters, took just under 2 months for completion.

‘6 Star’ Green Star Rating

The Dandiiri Contact Centre has achieved a 6 Star Green Star Rating for office design v2 which represents ‘world leading’ green building design. At the time of certification the centre achieved the highest number of points (92/100) to date for any Office Design v2 project in Australia.

As a result the building is expected to deliver substantial economic savings as a direct result of the symbolic relationship of its building components, services, and building generation elements relating to maximising energy efficiency and passive design.

The design has resulted in full Green Star points being awarded in the Energy, Management and Water credit categories for the Office Design v2 submission.