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Domestic Installations

Electricity Price Increase

Our client chose to install a 4.8kw Grid Connected Solar System to help combat the ever increasing power bill.

The 4.8kw system consists of:

creating an average 19.6kWhr/day.

The Conergy inverter comes with a five-year product warranty.

​Decrease Power Bill

We chose to go solar as we felt that the costs of Electricity supply would be ever increasing. So the only ways to reduce our power debt was to cut back on our Electricity usage and to install a grid connect system as we save to keep our power bills down. It's been a good move as our last power bill was only $35.00 for the quarter. 

I chose the solution offered by SUNELEC as I believed that they were the best company to provide me with a high quality solution that would be reliable and save me money. The company has been in business for many years and I believed that in the future they would still be around to help me if I ever had a problem with the installation.

Clean Green Energy

We decided to go solar for a few reasons however the main reason being the huge rise in electricity prices.

We wanted to become more independent from electricity companies and also have more clean green energy in our home.

We couldn’t be happier with the job done by Sunelec and can’t wait to see the savings on our next electricity bill.

Sunelec installed a 4.1kw Grid Connected Solar System consisting of 16 x Conergy PP255w solar panels and an Aurora PVI-5000 Inverter.

The system produces 16.5kWhr per day on average. 

Rising Electrical Prices

Our reason for putting the solar panels up, was the high rise in electricity and also friends that had had them installed told us of how worth while they were.

We are looking forward to our first electricity account and compare it with the last.

Thank you Sunlec for a great job done.

Very Picturesque

Our local green clients chose a 4.1 kW Grid Connected Solar System consisting of:

The Aurora Inverter has a dual input section to process two strings with independent MPPT (maximum power point trackers) enabling the solar panels to be installed on two parts of any one roof.

The inverter is compact and light design for ease of installation.

Carbon Neutral

Our environmentally-conscious family chose a 10.6 kW System, consisting of 48 x Conergy Powerplus 220 W Solar Modules, 1 x Fronius IGPLUS150 Inverter, creating an average daily output of 42.93 kWh per day.

Estimated CO2 savings: 18.7 tonnes per year.